about us - davezo nig ltd

DAVEZO NIGERIA LIMITED is a talented civil engineering contractor mostly on: Building construction, Piling foundation activities, Borehole, Shoreline protection, Dredging works. Our dynamic group with the dedicated and term spirit are always ready to give out the best result in all our activities.

We have pulled our network of working experiences and assemblage of essential equipment in providing satisfactory quality services to the nation and corporate bodies in Nigeria. Due to how enterprising the company is, our banker does not hesitate in the areas of financial assistance and that brings about a good quality, efficient and dynamic services we have as an edge over others. Hence we promise all our clients and numerous customers’ best services with efficiency.

However, in the areas of safety and security commitment in the site including the management work, we have given this two phenomenon a priority attention in its operations guides knowing full well that the safer and secured the work, the faster the contract target are met.

Hence, we crave your indulgent in the contract/supply awarded on the vivid scope of areas of our specialization.

OPERATIONAL NETWORK: our operation networks are areas where we have offices and liaisons. DAVEZO NIGERIA LIMITED is a company that renders wide range of services to the Oil and Gas industries, construction and manufacturing industries, Government as well as Non-governmental organization.


To maintain and occupy a leading role in our areas of interest and to set  standards in the Oil, Gas, construction and manufacturing industries and many more such as, Hotel management, Sales and supply of provisions etc.

DAVEZO NIGERIA LIMITED  is strongly committed to quality safety and economy of all projects. We want to become a market driven construction and engineering business outfit, providing services with a very high professional standard to the Oil and Allied Industries.

We have a principles built on customer satisfaction, motivated employee and healthy community relationship, which forms the bedrock for our growth and maximization of Return on Investment (ROI).