Jetty construction

Davezo has used its specialist engineering knowledge and experience for the construction of jetties all over the Country. The company can offer both substructures, as well as topside installation works. The substructure of a jetty consists of repeating bents of vertical or raked steel piles, which are driven into the ground by means of hammering, drilling, vibrating or a combination of these techniques. Topside installation works include the installation of all sorts of pile caps, headstocks, temporary and permanent bracings, topside modules, navigation aids, conveyor belts, crane structures and any other facilities required for the project.

Mooring and Berthing Dolphins

Mooring and berthing dolphins are designed to safely moor vessels alongside offshore structures. Davezo has unique experience of the construction of mooring and berthing dolphins through many successfully completed jetty projects worldwide. Davezo can offer both substructures/foundations, as well as topside installation works.

Quay wall renovation

Quay wall renovation works might be required to reinforce existing quay walls to enable heavier materials and equipment to be handled. Davezo can provide services ranging from chartering jack-up platforms as a stable working platform to facilitate drilling works, to the management of full renovation projects.