company policy

Community Affairs, Safety, Health environment security (CASHES) Policy DAVEZO NIGERIA LIMITED observed strictly her policies in the execution of project in other to arrive at a set target of his client. The policies are as follows:

1. SECURITY COMMITMENT:  In other to ensure hitch free project DAVEZO NIGERIA LIMITED on the security aspect of the job ensures that the equipment’s, properties and lives of personnel, the cordial relationship between the host communities and the company are undertaken by provision of local labour to the community and assistance in some community projects.     

2. HEALTH COMMITMENT: DAVEZO NIGERIA LIMITED knowing that health is paramount in every human endeavors, provides adequate safety gadgets / equipment to ensure injury free environment to her staffs and sub-staffs. 

3. SAFETY COMMITMENT / PRECAUTIONS: it is our duty to maintain the health and safety of our personnel and the environment in which we carry out our operation. We rank with service quality personnel motivation and profit motivation. Mostly in the area of transportation, all the safety equipment in the vehicles should always be in order of operation. Hence for a hitch free project we make our personnel even the client to realize that safety should be everyday life routine.  

4. ENVIRONMENT HAZARDS PRECAUTIONS: The Company controls and disposes waste generated by its operations as a way of reducing negative environment impacts.

5. PRIME OBJECTIVES: it is the company stated objectives to serve all relevant rules and regulations as regards to contracts specification and the recognition of the authorities involved in the contract projects. All staffs both permanent and casual staffs are compelled to obey all contract rules strictly in accordance with the policy of the company.