The company is devoted to ensure adequate training of staff taking part in activities, liable to affect the quality of the products and services rendered.

These training measure cover those related to professional qualification special qualifications required for certain functions or job, personnel management based on current and future development.

At the start of the year a staff training program is drawn up by the personnel department of the company with the purpose of ensuring the upkeep of staff know how throughout the Division training are organized outside or in-house.

Training on Quality Assurance is carried out under the responsibility of the Duality Department.

4. ENVIRONMENT HAZARDS PRECAUTIONS: The Company controls and disposes waste generated by its operations as a way of reducing negative environment impacts.

5. PRIME OBJECTIVES: it is the company stated objectives to serve all relevant rules and regulations as regards to contracts specification and the recognition of the authorities involved in the contract projects. All staffs both permanent and casual staffs are compelled to obey all contract rules strictly in accordance with the policy of the company.